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Character is our strength. We do what we say. We live by our word. We collaborate to deliver as one team.


Our team at New Look Contracting Inc. (NLC) is more than a construction company. We’re dedicated professionals who believe in the power of a job well done, no matter the project and regardless of its challenges. 

Whether you’re a customer seeking a reliable partner for your next construction project or want to discover a rewarding career, here are a few reasons we think you should keep NLC in mind.


When you work at NLC, we call you to a higher standard of integrity. Our NLC values statement above speaks to that.


When you work in construction, safety isn’t a value; it’s a necessity. Every single thing we do, we do with safety in mind. We hold to strict safety protocols, and we invest in ongoing training for our employees to maintain the highest standards.


NLC is a leader in grade control techniques, utilizing advanced GPS systems to guarantee precision in every project we take on. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives an edge that we pass onto our clients by completing projects on schedule and with cost efficiency.


We live where we work. We dedicate our time and monetary support to various organizations and charities.  By being good stewards of our communities, we affirm our commitment to leaving things better than when we started.


Driven by our project goals, we promote innovating on ways to conserve natural resources, combat pollution, eliminate waste, and find ways to recycle and reuse materials, with the ultimate goal of protecting and sustaining our environment well into the future.

Can’t Beat Us? Join Us
We’re always looking for new partners, whether it’s team members or those looking for an experienced contractor or subcontractor for their project. Whatever you’re building in the future, let’s build it together.


Hiring a contractor should fix your headaches, not make them. We are here to be the contractor you’ll be glad you partnered with.


14045 Northdale Boulevard
Rogers, MN 55374


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